Step 1: Apply for a License offers two types of licenses: One for Nonprofit and Public Agencies and one for Private and Public Companies. All licenses are VALID for 1 year. All licenses permit use of the  BLUEPRENT, its process, and resources only if you have trained Leaders or certified advocates to facilitate workshops.

Your organization must purchase a license before you can begin training. Ready to register? You can view all upcoming training sessions and register in the Training Calendar. Please view our Refund Policy here.


Step 2: Get Certified
The BLUEPRENT 1½ day training prepares the trainer on the critical process needed for all of our programs. Trainers must be trained in BP365 before taking online cross-training for our other programs. We offer weekly training online and in-person BLUEPRENT Program certifications 12 times per year in Dallas, Texas. 

The teaching process makes this program effective. Classes are highly participatory. Mutual support and success builds participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their personal improvement and reentry plan.

Step 3: Launch Your Platform
Every licensee will have access to the BLUEPRENT Platform. An edge to edge growth and management solution aimed at stopping recidivism.  Access over 20 vertically integrated applications and live services. Schedule a Demo today.